While facebook may be able to achieve things great and small — whether it is reinvigorating the career of an 88-year-old actress, or simply reconnecting two old friends ­– I have been boycotting the social networking site since it started. One of my initial objections to the service was the rumor that users personal information would be sold to other companies for data mining.

More recently I’ve heard about various facebook problems — constantly changing and ever confusing privacy policies, as well as a glitch a few weeks ago that temporarily made members’ private chats visible to all of their friend — leaving many users nervous about the privacy of their information.

So I wasn’t that surprised to learn that a group of college students are receiving a great deal of attention (and start-up money) based on their concept of a social networking site that respects and maintains the privacy of its users. They plan to launch their social networking framework, diaspora*, in September 2010.

“Four Nerds and a Cry to Arms Against Facebook” – The New York Times



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