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Cultural Phenom – DWTS

March 20, 2010

Watching people who don’t know how to dance LEARN under pressure is fascinating. Even more so if those people are B list, tabloid favorite celebs or sports icons. Watching someone who excels at sports, for example, translate that competitive drive to a ballroom is riveting! Combine that with the discipline and drive of the professional ballroom partners and it’s my favorite thing on TV! I can’t wait. Viva Season 10 of Dancing With the Stars starting Monday the 22nd! Now THAT is reality TV at its best!!!


The Dunbar Number: 150

March 18, 2010

According to anthropologist Robin Dunbar, 150 is the number of people with whom we can maintain a meaningful relationship, whether that is in an old school hunter/gatherer society or on your local social media site like facebook.  Yes, we can be friends with many more people but real friends?  Like the kind you can trust and maybe even ask to drive you to the airport?  Not so much.

Just keep that in mind if some of your friends have hundreds of other friends because most of them are not ‘friend’ friends, you picking up what I’m putting down?

Planet of the Apps

March 12, 2010

As you all know, Apple started selling the iPad at 8:30 am this morning. And yes, by 8:35 I had mine ordered. What else do you expect from the guy who posted this?

Apple No-Fi

March 9, 2010

Why doesn’t Apple have free wifi in their stores? Seems pretty much a no-brainer or is my brain missing something? Not that they need another attraction on 5th Avenue or Lincoln Center but where I am right now (Albany) the joint is empty.

Old School meets New School

March 3, 2010

Twelve South came up with an inventive and subversive way to house your mac book with this cool one-of-a-kind hardback leather case.  It comes in red or black.  Love!!  Thanks for sharing Ami!  Best part, it is stylish and secure.

The Deification of Youth

March 2, 2010

Ala Craig Ferguson.  Click the link, it’s worth it!


March 2, 2010

I have been so impressed with the GE EcoImagination campaign. Each product or approach seems more innovative, timely, and relevant as they go on. These television commercials are made with excellent production values, on-target branding that doesn’t stretch beyond credibility, and the feeling that some real progress is coming to the consumer space. Their GeoSpring Water Heater is a case in point: not only is it beautifully designed, not only is it eco-conscious and eco-friendly, but the message is about cost savings to the consumer. At the very least we’re in the territory of “I’m going to find out more.” So I start at the source and here is what I find at the bottom of the screen:

Are you kidding me? All that beautiful messaging (the site isn’t particularly beautiful, certainly not up to the standard of the TV advertising, but that’s OK) and they spoil it by selling a huge chunk of screen real estate to offset their hosting costs? Yeesh. Fire the guy who let this go through.