Sell Something Else


You have a product. You want to sell your product. What’s the best way to do it? Maybe by selling something else.

There is nothing particularly new about such an idea, of course. Most modern advertising is predicated on some form of the fact. But I’m talking simply and literally selling something else: something complementary, something that drives the need for your product. Anyway that’s the literal approach taken by Victoria Bitter’s agency Droga5. They want to sell more VB beer. They created an entirely separate product, a sweet/spicy thirst-inducing chip, as a pair-up to drive consumption. Will it work? Unknown. But it’s a brilliant proaction.

Just as a thought experiment: what sidekick product would drive sales of your primary goods or services?

(An aside: this thinking is also the essential strategy underlying most punditspeak explaining the value of social media emergence: Twitter, Facebook, especially, as well as commerce blogging in particular.)


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