Easy Giving


So, I was going through my normal weekend activities, thinking about the ‘to-do’ list, doing the ‘to-do’ list and images of Haiti were flashing through my mind.  Right, add ‘donate to the Haiti relief effort’ I was thinking when, the cashier at Whole Foods asks me if I would like to donate.  Humm, that sounds easy.

That night I escape to see Leap Year (Don’t go, I just have a sad addiction to cheesy rom coms.) and once again, the cashier asks me if I want to donate to the relief efforts.  Easy, quick and I go to bed feeling like I made a difference.

On the news crawl, it reads ‘text 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross’ for the relief efforts.  According to the New York Times, the organization has collected pledges of $103 million so far, 22 million from texting alone!  Compare that to the $250,000 raised via mobile phones for Hurricane Katrina and you see that we are in the midst of a democratization of giving.

Expect this to continue to grow as more and more brands seek to align themselves with altruistic efforts.  Now, if only they could streamline the tactical efforts on the ground in Haiti.  Here’s to a speeding up of the recovery efforts!!

To Cheryl’s point below, social media is far from a cultural wasteland when it has the power to move people and to impact brands.  Both Whole Foods and Clearview Cinemas have definitely upped their brand perception in my mind.


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