Defying Conventional Wisdom – Dove for Men!


I love brands that go against category norms to create newness. Gillette did this in the 80s with “systems” razors – the market was going the disposable route and Gillette purposefully launched the much more expensive Sensor and Sensor Excel, believing (correctly) that a superior shave would outweigh the cost of a shave long-term. They were right. The Sensor, Mach3 and Fusion franchises have kept Gillette at the forefront of shaving technology and the leader in global market share.

Will this new Dove Men launch help create a viable male grooming franchise for this currently female brand? Unilever has defied the odds with Dove in the past. Its groundbreaking “Real Beauty” campaign in 2005 repositioned this traditional brand as relevant, authentic and modern. Let’s see what happens with Dove Men+Care…Everything in the marketing “playbook” says marketing a female brand to men will never work. Even if it IS redesigned to look more masculine and even if it IS launched during the Super Bowl! I’m rooting for them!!!


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