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Cool book – When Everything Changed

October 27, 2009

When Everything ChangedOne of the keys to trending is understanding the past.  As they say, you don’t know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been.  When Everything Changed is a new book out by Harper Collins.  Written by New York Times columnist Gail Collins, this book details the awe-inspiring journey of women from 1960 to present day.  As a proud, quasi-cynical Generation X mom, I love this stuff.  I clearly remember the moment when my mom slung me up on the washer, looked me in the eye and told me she was going back to work.  It was 1976, I was in 3rd grade and thought that was awesome.

This book illustrates the amazing journey of woman, beginning in 1960, when an American woman needed her husband’s permission to apply for a credit card.  Today, stats tell us that men doing housework is a turn on for their spouse.  By reading this book and witnessing the feminine evolve, I understand why!


Lions + Tigers + Bears Too

October 23, 2009

Is there anything that ISN’T contributing to global warming? Cows and cars and food in the trash and computers turned off but plugged in and now dogs and cats.

Anselm Reyle at Gagosian

October 22, 2009

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing Monochromatic Age, by Anselm Reyle at the Gagosian Gallery on 24th Street. German by birth, some of his work is re-purposed found objects that tell layered stories of their past. Other pieces are pure and strong, asking to be touched.  While much of his work is a throwback to an industrial age, there is an overlying theme of modernism punctuated throughout. It reminds me of Jeff Koons work in its purest form. No Michael Jackson and Bubbles the monkey here, just sheen and complexity wrapped in uber masculinity. The show ends October 24th. It is worth the trip if you are in need of a visual cleansing.

Anselm Reyle at the Gagosian

Fun Beyond The Recycle Pile

October 20, 2009

Scott Jarvie undertakes product design as a labor of fun. Everything he makes has an ambience of joie de tous. This project, the Clutch Chair from 2007, is made entirely of drinking straws. Try not to love it.

Scott Jarvie's 2007 Clutch Chair

Scott Jarvie's 2007 Clutch Chair

Three (Hundred) Cheers for Bioneers!

October 17, 2009

The Bioneers Conference, going on right now in San Rafael CA, is an outstanding opportunity to open your mind to some of the most fundamental issues of bio-sustainability occurring in this country (and the world) at this exact moment. Take a listen to Michael Pollan’s wonderful talk and explore all the community has to offer:

Bioneers 2009

Dyson Strikes Again!

October 14, 2009

Dare you to tell me you don’t want one. No matter what the temperature is. (Yes, I know, expensive, but we’ll have to assume the cost will come down at least a bit.)

Language – Twitterized

October 12, 2009

The morning shower thoughts today included this one – are we on the precipice of another language change in this Twitterized world? Will the written word become abbreviated even outside the Twittersphere because we’ve become acclimated to 140 characters or less? I don’t speak or write in any other languages besides English (the one regret I have), but I understand Twitter is difficult in other languages that often use more words to describe something then we do in English. German, I’m told, is apparently very tough in the T-sphere…SO does that mean there will be German and then, Twitter German, a completely truncated, abbreviated form of German?

A Wii Future

October 11, 2009

I’ve quit my Equinox membership for Wii Active and Wii Fit, I lost 15 lbs playing Wii Sports Tennis and this year’s vacation included skydiving, ping pong, archery, wakeboarding and 100 pin bowling at Wii Resort (somewhere off the coast of Wii-ville I assume). Will there soon be Wii-Work? Edu-Wii? Medi-Wii?