Nano Nano


A week ago, Apple released its seasonal refresh of the iPod line, and among all the new this and that was perhaps the smallest, and certainly most retro, feature of all: they added an FM radio tuner to the 5th generation Nano. As AdAge pointed out, who might be the “unlikeliest benefactor” of the new feature? The radio industry itself! Suffering from the repeated economic batterings of a decades-long demise that has seen its revenue plummet year over year, radio still enjoys huge audience ratings with very little in the way of targeted programming to offer. (The satellite programming options of XM/Sirius underdeliver but are otherwise perhaps ahead of their time.) Now here comes the hottest audiowave gadget of the last decade finally including Marconi in its feature set! Perhaps with a little bit of ingenuity, some kind of targeted advertising and/or interactivity could be the result? Wouldn’t be surprised.

What “hidden” aspect of your brand is under-utilized, waiting to be strategically transformed into gold?

Photo: Apple Computer

Photo: Apple Computer


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