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Nokia Netbook

August 24, 2009

How come Nokia gets to do a 3G netbook when they haven’t even done a 1G netbook?


Mobile We

August 9, 2009

@bldgblog points out a story in the New York Times about the growing popularity of SUV clubs, then makes a remarkable extrapolation in a series of tweets: SUV-as-community center, mobile safe havens, moral message-delivery, confessionals on wheels (referencing the Pope-mobile), even mobile bookstores or an ultra-low-security prison (a Ford Bronco parks outside your office: you are required to sit inside it for four hours everyday). This sparks my imagination! My wife and I have fantasized for years about the idea of a mobile office: a tricked out sleepmobile that gives us all the techno we could desire without being tied to a particular geography. The amount of RV/SUV/whatever-V you could get relative to the price of the real estate we’ve been buying the last 10 years is just wild. One of the cable shows, I can’t recall which one, had a program on a few years ago about these pimped out RVs and the costs, while not insignificant, do not compare to modestly expensive houses. The thing that has given and continues to give me pause in the execution of our dream is the extraordinary carbon footprint. If a fully electric or hydrogen type becomes available in the near future, look to communicate with us via videoconference. We could be anywhere.