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Xanadu 2

July 9, 2009

Wow, read the opening caption. Even Xanadu didn’t take this long to inventory and unload:


What Did You Say? Never mind.

July 9, 2009

Is the web shortening our attention span? @mjasay thinks it’s shortening his and I think he has something. He states on Twitter: “I was tired of Chrome OS after 5 mins, and tired of MJ before the noise even started.” Does our Internet Era trivialize importance, perhaps even to a greater degree than TV Era did? Not to ascribe “importance” to MJ funeral but as mere illustration: I decided against “participating” long before it happened. Or how about the art of quick judgment. Once a news item is reported in any of our info multistreams, how long before we have a seeped-in “understanding” that automatically permits us to reach for the off-switch, or more likely change the channel? If this isn’t suggestive of those long-ago SNL skits where the guy (Kevin Nealon, I think) would insert audible/obvious “subliminal” messages, I don’t know what is. So funny. So reality. Or we could say in addition to trivializing importance, it goes TV one better: it accelerates the fatigue timeline. Maybe Andy Warhol got it wrong in only one particular: he was far too generous with 15 minutes. Five is probably pushing it.