Flat Footed


Did any of you see the recent article about running injuries that appeared in The Daily Mail? I won’t go into detail, the link below will provide information if you’re interested, but the upshot is this: Nike and Adidas and all the other shoe companies that spend ga-jillions of dollars in ever-expanding research to develop the greatest running shoe may have just been exposed as… useless. Turns out running in your bare feet (or nearly) is the healthiest thing you can do. And it is not nonsense. Indeed, even Nike, in response to the indisputable research, has recently released a new shoe called the Nike Free, which reduces reinforcement, cushioning, and as much as possible getting in the way between your sole and the road. What else is a US$20 billion industry going to do? Fold up and go home?

The Daily Mail article here.

(I would link to the Nike Free site too, but nike.com is such a Flash Frankenstein pain in the butt, I’m not gonna do it.)


Nike Free in extremis

Nike Free in extremis



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