Trust Me

Albert Pujols Wants You To Trust Him

Albert Pujols Wants You To Trust Him

The covers of two current issues of national magazines, Sports Illustrated and Conde Nast Portfolio. If you were visiting from another world, could grok English in that so-convenient and excellent way ETs on Star Trek do (Universal Translator? hrmmph), and took a look at mass media in the US, you’d immediately perceive that there is something a little weird going on. Some basic glue has been loosened, bonds have broken, and the ethos of the country (and much of the world) is adrift. “You can trust me” Albert Pujols is saying. Everyone else in my sport may have broken your heart, but I’m still a guy you can believe in. (The world of cycling has been going through this in an even more intense way for years. Lance Armstrong, his integrity on the line a long time, will have to go through an endless barrage again during his return to the Tour de France this summer.) Bruce Springsteen, on Jon Stewart a few nights ago, tells us the country has lost it moral center. I’m not sure the fragmentation of the last 30 or 40 years qualifies as a center by any definition, but OK, those ricocheting shards have certainly caught everyone’s attention now as they duck and cover from each new headline. And AIG (and all it symbolizes), what can you say of AIG that hasn’t already been said and continues to be said?

Madoff Doesn't Care If You Trust Him Anymore

Madoff Doesn't Care If You Trust Him Anymore

They’ve gone way beyond the FU into a land, a dimension, all their own. Dante, as we speak, is writing a sequel to The Inferno: he didn’t draw enough circles of Hell the first time around. All of this is to say that Trust, capital T, is an issue, perhaps THE issue, of our Time. Can we look each other eye to eye and make certain assumptions, take certain inferences on faith, that allow us to do business together, the business of commerce, of friendship, of courtesy? Time will tell. But keep your eyes open and take care when you blink: in all levels of experience, personal and professional, Trust is the zeitgeist issue.


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